5.2.3 Release
For Test and Development only

Detailed Description

Provides top-level interfaces to program external image devices and Tegra to create and manage image processing pipelines to receive outputs in NvMediaImage surfaces.

Data Structures

class  nvsipl::INvSIPLTrace
 Defines the public interfaces to control the logging/tracing of SIPL. More...


 NvSIPL Client
 Provides interfaces to retrieve the output of the SIPL Pipeline Manager.
 NvSIPL DeviceBlock Information
 Describes information about devices supported by SIPL Device Block.
 NvSIPL Pipeline Manager
 Programs Video Input (VI) and Image Signal Processor (ISP) hardware blocks using NvMedia API to create image processing pipelines for each sensor.
 NvSIPL Version
 Holds the version information for NvSIPL Camera and NvSIPL Client.
const size_t nvsipl::TUNA_PARAMETER_SET_ID_SIZE = 16U
const size_t nvsipl::TUNA_SCHEMA_HASH_SIZE = 32U
const size_t nvsipl::TUNA_DATA_HASH_SIZE = 32U
SIPLStatus nvsipl::GetNitoMetadataFromMemory (uint8_t const *const nitoMem, size_t const nitoMemLength, NvSIPLNitoMetadata *const metadataArray, size_t const metadataArrayLength, size_t *const metadataCount)
 Get NITO Metadata (knobset UUID, schema hash, data hash) from a NITO memory buffer. More...

Function Documentation

◆ GetNitoMetadataFromMemory()

SIPLStatus nvsipl::GetNitoMetadataFromMemory ( uint8_t const *const  nitoMem,
size_t const  nitoMemLength,
NvSIPLNitoMetadata *const  metadataArray,
size_t const  metadataArrayLength,
size_t *const  metadataCount 

Get NITO Metadata (knobset UUID, schema hash, data hash) from a NITO memory buffer.

This function is wrapper function around Tuna::bbf::target::fetchNitoMetadataFromMemory(). It inspects parameter data then calls fetchNitoMetadataFromMemory, performs error code conversion between Tuna and SIPL, then copies metadata into the return value.

The possible return values from this functions are:

  • NVSIPL_STATUS_ERROR These have been mapped to corresponding Tuna::bbf::BBF_Result codes returned from Tuna::bbf::target::fetchNitoMetadataFromMemory(), which is called within this function. The mapping can be found in sipl/src/core/utils/tunaUtils.hpp. Each mapping also includes logs with information on the error.
[in]nitoMemPointer to location of memory to load from.
[in]nitoMemLengthSize of memory pointed to by nitoMem. This value must be in the range [1, BBF_FILE_MAX_SIZE].
[in,out]metadataArrayAn array of NitoMetadata tuples to store the result.
[in]metadataArrayLengthThe size of array metadataArray
[out]metadataCountThe number of tuples stored in metadataArray on success.
SIPLStatus the completion status of the operation.

Variable Documentation


const size_t nvsipl::TUNA_DATA_HASH_SIZE = 32U

Definition at line 55 of file NvSIPLCamera.hpp.


const size_t nvsipl::TUNA_PARAMETER_SET_ID_SIZE = 16U

Definition at line 53 of file NvSIPLCamera.hpp.


const size_t nvsipl::TUNA_SCHEMA_HASH_SIZE = 32U

Definition at line 54 of file NvSIPLCamera.hpp.