Powering On/Off the Device

Use these procedures to power on the device.
To power on the platform
1. Connect the target to the host system.
For information about connecting the board, consult:
2. Plug the power supply to the AC outlet and turn the power switch on the power supply to the ON position.
The platform launches a browser displaying a welcome page and identifying the installed DRIVE OS Linux release version.

Powering Off the Platform

The operating system runs as a virtual machine on top of the hardware on the Xavier chips. The AURIX MCU manages the Xavier chips.
To restart or reset the Xavier chips
1. Launch an AURIX shell.
2. Execute the appropriate command as follows.
Resets all the SoCs and reloads all the software.
tegrareset x1
Resets Xavier A.
tegrareset x2
Resets Xavier B.
Powers off the system. Both Xavier chips are powered off.
Powers on the system. Both Xavier chips are powered on.
Lists all supported commands.
<command_name> ?
Provides information on the specified command.
For best results, always reset both Xavier chips.