NvMedia Image Pyramid API

NvMedia ImagePyramid (pyramid) is a pyramid of NvMediaImage(s) used by VPI API for Vision Programming.
This topic assumes that you have a basic understanding of NvSciBuf, NvMedia Surface, and Vision Programming.

Characteristics of a Pyramid

A pyramid is characterized by the number of levels and the scale factor.
Each level in the pyramid is an NvMediaImage.
All levels in the pyramid have the same attributes, except the resolution. The resolution of the image in each level is subsequently scaled down from the resolution of the base level by the scale factor.

Creating a Pyramid

There are two (2) ways to create a pyramid:
2. By using NvSciBuf. The sequence of creating a pyramid using NvSciBuf is very similar to that of creating an NvMediaImage using NvSciBuf. For more information, see NvMedia Surface.
NvMediaImagePyramidCreate is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. NvSciBuf will then be the only way to allocate a pyramid. Applications should migrate to using allocation using NvSciBuf.