5.2.6 Release
For Test and Development only
nvsipl::NvSIPLPipelineNotifier::NotificationData Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Defines the notification data.

A few members are not valid for certain events, please see NotificationType.

Definition at line 188 of file NvSIPLPipelineMgr.hpp.

Data Fields

NotificationType eNotifType
 Holds the NotificationType event type. More...
uint32_t uIndex
 Holds the ID of the pipeline. More...
uint8_t uLinkMask
 Holds the device block link mask. More...
uint64_t frameCaptureTSC
 Holds the TSC timestamp of the frame capture. More...
uint32_t gpioIdxs [MAX_DEVICE_GPIOS]
 Holds the GPIO indices. More...
uint32_t numGpioIdxs
 Holds the number of GPIO indices in the array. More...

Field Documentation

◆ eNotifType

NotificationType nvsipl::NvSIPLPipelineNotifier::NotificationData::eNotifType

Holds the NotificationType event type.

Definition at line 191 of file NvSIPLPipelineMgr.hpp.

◆ frameCaptureTSC

uint64_t nvsipl::NvSIPLPipelineNotifier::NotificationData::frameCaptureTSC

Holds the TSC timestamp of the frame capture.

Definition at line 197 of file NvSIPLPipelineMgr.hpp.

◆ gpioIdxs

uint32_t nvsipl::NvSIPLPipelineNotifier::NotificationData::gpioIdxs[MAX_DEVICE_GPIOS]

Holds the GPIO indices.

Definition at line 199 of file NvSIPLPipelineMgr.hpp.

◆ numGpioIdxs

uint32_t nvsipl::NvSIPLPipelineNotifier::NotificationData::numGpioIdxs

Holds the number of GPIO indices in the array.

Definition at line 201 of file NvSIPLPipelineMgr.hpp.

◆ uIndex

uint32_t nvsipl::NvSIPLPipelineNotifier::NotificationData::uIndex

Holds the ID of the pipeline.

This is the same as the Sensor ID in PlatformCfg.

Definition at line 193 of file NvSIPLPipelineMgr.hpp.

◆ uLinkMask

uint8_t nvsipl::NvSIPLPipelineNotifier::NotificationData::uLinkMask

Holds the device block link mask.

Definition at line 195 of file NvSIPLPipelineMgr.hpp.

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