DRIVE AGX System Installation with NVIDIA SDK Manager

What is DRIVE AGX? What is DRIVE Software? Common terminology explained here.

DRIVE Software Setup

Getting Started with DRIVE Software
Learn about the prerequisite hardware and software for installing and flashing DRIVE Software using NVIDIA SDK Manager.
Important Installation Information
This section details the items to verify before installing your DRIVE AGX Developer Kit with DRIVE Software, as well as valid upgrade and downgrade paths.

SDK Manager

Download and Run SDK Manager
This section outlines the steps for downloading and installing NVIDIA SDK Manager, as well as how to log in to run it for the first time.
Install DRIVE with SDK Manager
This section is intended to help you use the NVIDIA SDK Manager GUI to successfully configure your DRIVE development environment.

Learn More

Additional Resources
This section provides additional information for the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Developer Kit, such as answers to common problems and error messages.