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    Chad Versace <chad.versace@intel.com>


    Chad Versace <chad.versace@intel.com>




    Version 4, 2014-03-10


    EGL Extension #63

Extension Type

    EGL client extension


    Requires EGL_EXT_client_extensions to query its existence without
    a display.

    Requires EGL_EXT_platform_base.

    This extension is written against the wording of version 7 of the
    EGL_EXT_platform_base specification.


    This extension defines how to create EGL resources from native Wayland
    resources using the functions defined by EGL_EXT_platform_base.

New Types


New Procedures and Functions


New Tokens

    Accepted as the <platform> argument of eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT:

        EGL_PLATFORM_WAYLAND_EXT                0x31D8

Additions to the EGL Specification


New Behavior

    To determine if the EGL implementation supports this extension, clients
    should query the EGL_EXTENSIONS string of EGL_NO_DISPLAY.

    To obtain an EGLDisplay backed by a Wayland display, call
    eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT with <platform> set to EGL_PLATFORM_WAYLAND_EXT.  The
    <native_display> parameter specifies the Wayland display  to use and must
    either point to a `struct wl_display` or be EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY. If
    <native_display> is EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY, then EGL will create a new
    wl_display structure by connecting to the default Wayland socket.  The
    manual page wl_display_connect(3) defines the location of the default
    Wayland socket.

    To obtain an on-screen rendering surface from a Wayland window, call
    eglCreatePlatformWindowSurfaceEXT with a <dpy> that belongs to Wayland and
    a <native_window> that points to a `struct wl_egl_surface`.

    It is not valid to call eglCreatePlatformPixmapSurfaceEXT with a <dpy>
    that belongs to Wayland. Any such call fails and generates


    1. Should this extension permit EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY as input to

       RESOLUTION: Yes. When given EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY, eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT
       returns a display backed by the default Wayland display.

    2. Should this extension support creation EGLPixmap resources from Wayland

       RESOLVED. No. Wayland has no pixmap type.

    3. Should the extension namespace be EXT or MESA?
       The only shipping EGL implementation today (2013-04-26) that supports
       Wayland is Mesa. However, perhaps the extension should reside in the
       EXT namespace in expectation that other vendors will also begin
       supporting Wayland.
       RESOLVED. Use the EXT namespace because other vendors have expressed
       interest in Wayland.

Revision History

    Version 4, 2014-03-10(Chad Versace)
        - Change resolution of issue #1 from "no" to "yes". Now
          eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT accepts EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY for Wayland.
        - Explain in more detail how EGL connects to the default Wayland

    Version 3, 2013-10-16 (Chad Versace)
        - Resolve issue #3 to use EXT namespace.

    Version 2, 2013-09-12 (Chad Versace)
        - Update to wording of version 7 of EGL_EXT_platform_base spec.
        - Add section "Extension Type".
        - Rephrase the discussion of how to create a Wayland EGLDisplay
          to follow the analogous discussion in the published
          EGL_EXT_platform_x11 spec.
        - Change resolution of issue 1 from yes to no, because of likely type
          mismatch between EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY_TYPE and void*.

    Version 1, 2013-04-26 (Chad Versace)
        - Initial draft

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