NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux API Reference Release
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API Modules
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 GPU Resource Manager APIManages GPU resources
 Graphics APIsGraphics APIs in this section include NVIDIA and 3rd-party APIs
 Direct Rendering ManagerDRM-NVDC is a compatibility library which implements the Direct Rendering Manager API (DRM) on top of the Tegra Display Controller kernel driver (NVDC)
 EGL Specifications and ExtensionsEGL is an interface between Khronos rendering APIs such as OpenGL ES and the underlying native platform window system
 OpenGL ES 2.x/3.x Specs and ExtensionsOpenGL ES is a royalty-free, cross-platform API for full-function 2D and 3D graphics on embedded systems, including consoles, phones, appliances, and vehicles
 OpenGL SpecificationsOpenGL is the most widely adopted 2D and 3D graphics API in the industry, bringing thousands of applications to a wide variety of computer platforms
 Image OFST SynchronizationThe NvMedia IOFST NvSciSync API encompasses all NvMediaIOFST NvSciSync handling functions
 Image OpticalFlow/StereoDisparity (OFST) EstimatorThe NvMediaIOFST object takes an uncompressed image frame pair and turns them into opticalflow/stereodisparity estimation data
 NvMedia API for Tegra
 Camera AutoControl PluginThe Camera AutoControl Plugin API provides ACP configuration functions
 Common DeclarationsDefines basic types used for video and images throughout the NvMedia API
 Basic NvMedia Types and StructuresDefines basic types used throughout the NvMedia API
 EGL Stream APIThe EGL Stream API encompasses all NvMedia EGL Stream related functionality
 Parser APIProvides parsing for decoder frame handling
 Surface Handling APIDefines and manages image and video surface objects
 Video and Image Encode/Decode: Common TypesDefines common types and declarations for image and video decode and encode operations
 Image Handling APIThe Image Processing API encompasses all NvMedia image-related functionality
 Image 2D ProcessingThe Image 2D Processing API encompasses all NvMedia 2D image processing related functionality
 Image 2D Processing SynchronizationThe NvMedia 2D NvSciSync API encompasses all NvMedia2D NvSciSync handling functions
 Image CaptureCaptures uncompressed image data, writing the results to an NvMediaImage
 Image Capture SynchronizationThe NvMedia ICP NvSciSync API encompasses all NvMediaICP NvSciSync handling functions
 Image CreationDefines and manages image objects
 Image DecoderDefines and manages objects that decode video
 Image Display Processing (IDP)Displays NvMediaImage type surfaces
 Image EncoderThe NvMediaIEP object takes uncompressed image data and turns it into a codec specific bitstream
 Image Encoder SynchronizationThe NvMedia IEP NvSciSync API encompasses all NvMediaIEP NvSciSync handling functions
 Image JPEG DecoderThe NvMediaIJPD object takes a JPEG bitstream and decompress it to image data
 Image JPEG EncoderThe NvMediaIJPE object takes uncompressed image data and turns it into a jpeg bitstream
 Image Locking and UnlockingLocking and unlocking controls access to the image surfaces
 Image Processing Pipeline (IPP)The NvMedia Image Processing Pipeline (IPP) is a framework that controls all NvMedia processing components
 Image Read and Write by ClientProvides image surface read and write by the client application for diagnostic purposes
 Image Sensor Control (ISC)The Image Sensor Control API encompasses all NvMedia I2C control related functions, including programming of all I2C controlled components such as deserializers, serializers, EEPROMs, and image sensors
 Sensor Input Processing Library (SIPL)SIPL provides abstract and simple API to capture the output of image sensors with optional image processing
 Image Handling with Buffer Allocation APIThe NvMedia Image NvSciBuf API encompasses all NvMediaImage NvSciBuf handling functions
 Image Pyramid Handling APIThe Image Pyramid Processing API encompasses all NvMedia-related functionality for handling pyramids of NvMediaImage objects
 Lens Distortion CorrectionThe NvMedia Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) API contains NvMedia functions for accessing the LDC hardware engine for geometric transform and temporal noise reduction (TNR3)
 Lens Distortion Correction SynchronizationThe NvMedia LDC NvSciSync API encompasses all NvMediaLDC NvSciSync handling functions
 NvMedia ArrayThe NvMedia Array API encompasses all NvMedia functions that create, destroy, access and update arrays used in media processing and computer vision applications
 NvMedia CVScratchpadThe NvMedia CVScratchpad API creates and destroys CVScratchpad objects for use as scratch memory for internal operation in media processing and computer vision pipelines
 Video Surface Handling APIThe Video Processing API encompasses all NvMedia video surface related functionality
 VC1 StructuresDefines a structure for defining picture information for a VC1 picture
 VP8 Encoder: Common TypesThe VP8 Encoder API provides VP8 related functions
 VP8 StructuresDefines a structure for defining picture information for a VP8 picture
 VP9 Encoder: Common TypesThe VP9 Encoder API provides VP9 related functions
 VP9 StructuresProvides structures for defining the VP9 reference frame
 Video CaptureCaptures uncompressed video data, writing the results to a NvMediaVideoSurface
 Video DecoderDefines and manages objects that decode video
 Video Decoder: Common TypesDefines and manages objects that decode video
 Video Decryptor (DRM) APIDecrypts and re-encrypts video data with supported formats for the hardware in a video stream
 Video EncoderThe NvMediaVideoEncoder object takes uncompressed video data and tuns it into a codec specific bitstream
 Video MixerVideo mixer provides a surface to surface based rendering with deinterlacing, inverse telecine, scaling, alpha blending, noise reduction, filtering, and background color support
 Video OutputDeclares and manages objects for defining the locations of the composed surfaces
 Video SurfaceDefines and manages objects for defining video RAM surfaces
 Vision Programming InterfaceThe NvMedia Vision Programming Interface (VPI) API contains NvMedia functions for accessing the Computer Vision (CV) hardware accelerated algorithms
 Screen CaptureThe Screen Capture API is implemented by the Screen Capture wrapper library, libnvscrncapt.so
 Screen Capture APIThe Screen Capture API is implemented by the Screen Capture wrapper library, libnvscrncapt.so
 Software Communication InterfacesThe NVIDIA® Software Communication Interfaces (NvSci) libraries serve two primary purposes:
 Inter-Process CommunicationThe NvSciIpc library provides interfaces for any two entities in a system to communicate with each other irrespective of where they are placed
 NvStreamsContains the buffer allocation, synchronization, and streaming APIs
 Buffer Allocation APIsThe NvSciBuf library contains the APIs for applications to allocate and exchange buffers in memory
 Streaming APIsThe NvSciStream library is a layer on top of NvSciBuf and NvSciSync libraries that provides utilities for streaming sequences of data packets between multiple application modules to support a wide variety of use cases
 Synchronization APIsThe NvSciSync library allows applications to manage synchronization objects which coordinate when sequences of operations begin and end
 SCI Error HandlingContains error code enumeration and helper macros
 Speculation Barrier for Spectre-V1 Mitigation