NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux API Reference Release
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Detailed Description

Program elements related to NvMediaISCDeviceDriver, which defines a device driver.

The core NvMediaISC calls the driver when the client calls the related public NvMediaISC function.

Before the client can create an NvMediaISCDevice object (a device), it must provide a device driver. The NvMediaISCDeviceDriver object contains the following data fields and function pointers.

Data Fields
  • deviceName The name of the device. This is a null-terminated string.
  • regLength Target device offset length in bytes.
  • dataLength Target device data length in bytes.
Function Pointers

Here is a sample device driver implementation. The source file defines the driver by creating an NvMediaISCDeviceDriver struct and setting its function pointers. The header file provides a function that retrieves a pointer to the driver struct.

Header File
#include <nvmedia_isc.h>
NvMediaISCDeviceDriver *GetSAMPLEDEVICEDriver(void);

Source File

#include "isc_sample_device.h"
void *clientContext)
// Can be used to maintain local device context
// or can be set to NULL.
handle->deviceDriverHandle = NULL;
static NvMediaISCDeviceDriver deviceDriver = {
.deviceName = "Sample Sensor Device",
.DriverCreate = DriverCreate
// Return device driver descriptor structure
return &deviceDriver;

Data Structures

struct  NvMediaISCDeviceDriver
 Holds device driver data. More...