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Image Creation

Detailed Description

Defines and manages image objects.

NvMediaImage objects are video RAM surfaces storing YUV, RGBA or RAW data. They can store one or more images depending on the class. NvMediaImage objects are created with NvMediaImageCreateNew() and destroyed with NvMediaImageDestroy().

Data Structures

struct  NvMediaImage
 Holds a handle representing image objects. More...
struct  NvMediaImageGroup
 Holds a handle representing an image group. More...


 Maximum number of images in an image group. More...
 Infinite timeout for NvMediaImageGetStatus(). More...


NvMediaStatus NvMediaImageGetVersion (NvMediaVersion *version)
 Gets the version of the NvMedia Image library. More...
NvMediaImageNvMediaImageCreateNew (NvMediaDevice *device, NvMediaSurfaceType type, const NvMediaSurfAllocAttr *attrs, uint32_t numAttrs, uint32_t flags)
 Allocates an image object. More...
void NvMediaImageDestroy (NvMediaImage *image)
 Destroys an image object created by NvMediaImageCreateNew(). More...

Macro Definition Documentation


Infinite timeout for NvMediaImageGetStatus().

Definition at line 64 of file nvmedia_image.h.


Maximum number of images in an image group.

Definition at line 58 of file nvmedia_image.h.

Function Documentation

NvMediaImage* NvMediaImageCreateNew ( NvMediaDevice device,
NvMediaSurfaceType  type,
const NvMediaSurfAllocAttr attrs,
uint32_t  numAttrs,
uint32_t  flags 

Allocates an image object.

Upon creation, the contents are undefined.

[in]deviceThe NvMediaDevice.
[in]typeSurface format type obtained by NvMediaSurfaceFormatGetType().
[in]attrsAn array of surface alloc attributes for surface creation.
[in]numAttrsNumber of attributes in attrs.
[in]flagsFlags for module hints (reserved for future use).
The new image's handle if the call is successful, or NULL otherwise.
void NvMediaImageDestroy ( NvMediaImage image)

Destroys an image object created by NvMediaImageCreateNew().

[in]imageThe image to destroy.
NvMediaStatus NvMediaImageGetVersion ( NvMediaVersion version)

Gets the version of the NvMedia Image library.

[in]versionA pointer to an NvMediaVersion structure belonging to the client.
A status code; NVMEDIA_STATUS_OK if the call was successful, or NVMEDIA_STATUS_BAD_PARAMETER if version is an invalid pointer.