NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux API Reference Release
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Deprecated List
Global NvMediaICPWaitForSoF (NvMediaICP *icp) NVM_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use NvMediaICPGetSOFNvSciSyncFence")
Use NvMediaICPGetSOFNvSciSyncFence instead.
[in]icpA pointer to the image capture object to be used.
Return values
NVMEDIA_STATUS_OKindicates that a SoF has been received.
NVMEDIA_STATUS_NONE_PENDINGindicates that there was no fed frame, and so the internal capture pool was empty.
NVMEDIA_STATUS_ERRORindicates that another error occurred while the function was waiting for SoF.
Global NvMediaImage::tag
Holds a tag that can be used by the application. NvMedia does not change the value of this member.
Global NvMediaISCEmbeddedData
Use the new structure NvMediaISCEmbeddedDataInfo instead.
Class NvMediaISCEmbeddedDataBuffer
Use the new structure NvMediaISCEmbeddedDataChunk instead.
Global NvMediaISCExposureControl
Use NvMediaISCSensorControl instead.
Global NvMediaISCExposureMode
Use the NvMediaISCSetSensorCharMode() parameter expNo instead.
Global NvMediaISCModuleConfig::cameraModuleConfigPass1
ISP can now produce two simultaneous outputs, making this member unncessary.
Global NvMediaISCModuleConfig::cameraModuleConfigPass2
ISP can now produce two simultaneous outputs, making this member unncessary.
Global NvMediaISCSensorAttrType
Use the new function NvMediaISCGetSensorAttributes() instead.
Global NvMediaISCWBGainControl
Use NvMediaISCSensorControl instead.