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nvmedia_image_nvscibuf.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Media Interface: Image Processing

Description: This file contains the NvMediaImage and NvSciBuf related APIs.

Definition in file nvmedia_image_nvscibuf.h.

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 Major version number. More...
 Minor version number. More...


NvMediaStatus NvMediaImageNvSciBufInit (void)
 Initializes the NvMediaImage NvSciBuf API. More...
void NvMediaImageNvSciBufDeinit (void)
 Deinitializes the NvMediaImage NvSciBuf API. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMediaImageFillNvSciBufAttrs (NvMediaDevice *device, NvMediaSurfaceType type, const NvMediaSurfAllocAttr *attrs, uint32_t numAttrs, uint64_t flags, NvSciBufAttrList attr_h)
 Fills the NvSciBuf (see nvscibuf.h) attributes which can be used to allocate an image. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMediaImageCreateFromNvSciBuf (NvMediaDevice *device, NvSciBufObj nvscibufObj, NvMediaImage **nvmImage)
 Creates an NvMediaImage from an NvSciBufObj. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMediaImageNvSciBufGetVersion (NvMediaVersion *version)
 Returns version information for the NvMediaImage NvSciBuf API. More...