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nvmedia_imgdec.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Media Interface: The NvMedia Image Decode Processing API

This file contains the Image Decode Processing API.

Definition in file nvmedia_imgdec.h.

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Data Structures

struct  NvMediaImageDecoder
 A handle representing a IMAGE decoder object. More...


 Major Version number. More...
 Minor Version number. More...
 Progressive sequence. More...
 Defines 10-bit decode. More...
 Rec_2020 color format for the decoded surface. More...


enum  NvMediaImageCodec {
 Image codec type. More...


NvMediaStatus NvMediaImageDecoderGetVersion (NvMediaVersion *version)
 Checks the version compatibility for the NvMedia Image decoder library. More...
NvMediaImageDecoderNvMediaImageDecoderCreate (const NvMediaDevice *device, NvMediaImageCodec codec, uint16_t width, uint16_t height, uint16_t maxReferences, uint64_t maxBitstreamSize, uint8_t inputBuffering, uint32_t flags, NvMediaDecoderInstanceId instanceId)
 Creates a image decoder object. More...
void NvMediaImageDecoderDestroy (const NvMediaImageDecoder *decoder)
 Destroys a image decoder object. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMediaImageDecoderRender (const NvMediaImageDecoder *decoder, NvMediaImage *target, const NvMediaPictureInfo *pictureInfo, uint32_t numBitstreamBuffers, const NvMediaBitstreamBuffer *bitstreams, NvMediaDecoderInstanceId instanceId)
 Decodes a compressed field/frame and render the result into a NvMediaImage. More...