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3.5.78 Release
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LidarPlugin.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DriveWorks: Lidar Sensor Plugin Interface

Description: This file defines the interfaces to be implemented for Lidar sensor plugins.

Definition in file LidarPlugin.h.

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Data Structures

struct  _dwSensorLidarDecoder_constants
 Holds constants for a given lidar. More...
struct  dwSensorLidarPluginFunctionTable
 Holds the list of exported functions implemented by the vendor-provided library. More...


typedef dwStatus(* dwSensorLidarPlugin_getDecoderConstants) (_dwSensorLidarDecoder_constants *constants, dwSensorPluginSensorHandle_t sensor)
 Gets constants associated with this lidar sensor. More...
typedef dwStatus(* dwSensorLidarPlugin_parseDataBuffer) (dwLidarDecodedPacket *output, const uint64_t hostTimeStamp, dwSensorPluginSensorHandle_t sensor)
 Processes the data previously passed via the 'dwSensorPlugin_pushData' interface. More...


dwStatus dwSensorLidarPlugin_getFunctionTable (dwSensorLidarPluginFunctionTable *functions)
 Returns the table of functions that are provided by the vendor-provided library for the sensor. More...