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3.5.78 Release
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Logger.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DriveWorks API: Core Warp Primitives

Description: This file defines DW core warp primitives.

Definition in file Logger.h.

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typedef void(* dwLogCallback) (dwContextHandle_t context, dwLoggerVerbosity type, const char8_t *msg)
 Defines a user callback method called by the SDK to log the output. More...


enum  dwLoggerVerbosity {
  DW_LOG_VERBOSE = 0x0000,
  DW_LOG_DEBUG = 0x1000,
  DW_LOG_WARN = 0x2000,
  DW_LOG_ERROR = 0x3000,
  DW_LOG_SILENT = 0x7000
 Holds the verbosity level. More...


DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLogger_enableTimestamps (bool enabled)
 Enable or disable logging of timestamps before each message. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLogger_initialize (dwLogCallback msgCallback)
 Creates a new logger instance. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLogger_log (dwContextHandle_t context, dwLoggerVerbosity verbosity, const char8_t *msg)
 Logs message. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLogger_release ()
 Release logger instance and free up used memory. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLogger_setLogLevel (dwLoggerVerbosity verbosity)
 Sets the verbosity level of the logger instance. More...