DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

Location Interface

Detailed Description

SW Release Applicability: These APIs are available in NVIDIA DRIVE Software releases.

Data Structures

struct  dwGeoBounds
 Geographic coordinate bounds. More...


typedef dwGeoPointWGS84 dwGeoPoint
 alias for the geo point More...

Data Structure Documentation

◆ dwGeoBounds

struct dwGeoBounds
Data Fields
float64_t maxLat

maximum latitude, south - north [-90.0:90.0)

float64_t maxLon

maximum longitude, west - east [-180.0:180.0)

float64_t minLat

minimum latitude, south - north [-90.0:90.0)

float64_t minLon

minimum longitude, west - east [-180.0:180.0)

Typedef Documentation

◆ dwGeoPoint

alias for the geo point

Definition at line 56 of file Location.h.