DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

Maps Interface

Detailed Description

Maps module for HD maps access.

SW Release Applicability: These APIs are available in NVIDIA DRIVE Software releases.

The maps module can be initialized and updated using maps backends from different HD maps providers. The module provides a unified API to query the HD maps data.

Data Structures

struct  dwMapsConfidence
 The maps confidence in an element. More...


 Lane Tree
 Lane Tree to follow a lane along its driving direction.
 Local Map Layout
 Create local map layouts.
 Map Initialization
 Functions to initialize, load and release map data.
 Map Queries
 Functions to query map data.
 Map Serialization
 Map Tracker
 Keep track of the current lane.
 Structs for Function Parameters
 Structs that are used as arguments in maps functions.
 Structs for Map Data
 Structs that define the map data.
 Structs for User Buffers
 Structs that are used as arguments in maps functions.
 Utility functions for map data.


typedef struct dwMapObject const * dwConstMapHandle_t
typedef struct dwMapsLocalLayoutObject const * dwConstMapsLocalLayoutHandle_t
typedef struct dwMapObject * dwMapHandle_t
typedef struct dwMapsLaneWaitElement dwMapsLaneWaitElement
typedef struct dwMapsLaneWaitGroup dwMapsLaneWaitGroup
typedef struct dwMapsLocalLayoutObject * dwMapsLocalLayoutHandle_t

Data Structure Documentation

◆ dwMapsConfidence

struct dwMapsConfidence
Data Fields
float32_t confidence
float32_t threshold
float32_t variance

Typedef Documentation

◆ dwConstMapHandle_t

typedef struct dwMapObject const* dwConstMapHandle_t

Definition at line 69 of file Maps.h.

◆ dwConstMapsLocalLayoutHandle_t

typedef struct dwMapsLocalLayoutObject const* dwConstMapsLocalLayoutHandle_t

Definition at line 72 of file Maps.h.

◆ dwMapHandle_t

typedef struct dwMapObject* dwMapHandle_t

Definition at line 68 of file Maps.h.

◆ dwMapsLaneWaitElement

Definition at line 83 of file Maps.h.

◆ dwMapsLaneWaitGroup

Definition at line 84 of file Maps.h.

◆ dwMapsLocalLayoutHandle_t

typedef struct dwMapsLocalLayoutObject* dwMapsLocalLayoutHandle_t

Definition at line 71 of file Maps.h.