DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only

Calibrated Graph to Rig File Tool


The NVIDIA® DriveWorks Calibrated Graph to Rig File tool extracts the relevant parts from a JSON calibrated graph file as input, into a JSON rig file as output.
This output file can be parsed by the Rig Configuration module within DriveWorks.


This tool is available on the x86 Host System and NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux.

This tool creates output files that are placed into the current working directory by default. Please ensure the following for your convenience:

  • Write permissions are enabled for the current working directory.
  • Include the tools folder in the binary search path of the system.
  • Execute from your home directory.

Running the Tool

Run the tool by executing:

/calibration-graph-to-rig --graph=[path to input calibrated-graph.json file]
                          --rig=[path to input rig.json file]
                          --output=[path to output rig file]


--graph=[path to input calibrated-graph.json file]
        Description: The input calibrated graph file.
                     If only this parameter is provided, a `rig.json` file is created from scratch.

--rig=[path to input rig.json file]
        Description: The input rig file.
                     If this parameter and `--graph` are both provided, the calibration data from the `calibrated-graph.json` file
                     is merged with the input `rig.json` file.

--output=[path to output rig file]
        Description: The output rig file. If this parameter is specified, the `calibrated-graph.json` and `rig.json` files 
                     are saved to a separate file. The default setting overwrites the input `rig.json` file.


The tool generates a rig.json file in the current folder as output. This file lists all cameras used during calibration with their intrinsic
and extrinsic calibration data. If an existing rig.json file is passed to the application as input, all camera entries are modified with the new calibration results.
For additional information regarding the format for the produced JSON file, please refer to Rig Configuration and Rig File Format.

Additional Information

This tool uses the center of the rear axle projected to the ground as a coordinate system origin.
For additional information regarding this coordinate system, please refer to Coordinate Systems.