DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only


These tutorials are intended to help you get started with the NVIDIA® DriveWorks library and the provided tools.


The Basic Tutorials provide a general overview of DriveWorks. They start with re-building existing samples, learning about the
foundation modules, and creating your first application. They also teach you how to access all supported sensors and replay recorded data.


The Intermediate Tutorials are intended for users already familiar with DriveWorks and are able to build simple applications.
This is a deep dive into most of the functionalities provided, including image and point cloud processing, Deep Neural Networks (DNN) usage,
egomotion and self-calibration.


The Advanced Tutorials cover topics that require the integration of multiple modules, such as planning and perception.
They also include more in-depth tutorials on several topics already covered in the previous sections, such as integrating custom sensors,
and building custom DNN layers.