DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only

Intermediate Tutorials

These intermediate tutorials are intended for users already familiar with DriveWorks and are able to build simple applications.
This is a deep dive into most of the functionalities provided, including image and point cloud processing, Deep Neural Networks (DNN) usage,
egomotion and self-calibration.

Sensor Management

Tutorial Description
Sensor Manager Workflow Accessing time-sorted stream of events from an aggregate set of sensors.

Modules used: Core | Sensors | Sensor Manager | Rig Configuration.

Image Processing

Tutorial Description
Image Creation and Conversion Creating and converting images into different formats.
Image Scaling Scaling images.
Image Streamer Your first image streamer.
Image Streamer Multi-Thread Streaming images between threads.
Image Streamer Cross-Process Streaming images across processes.
Image Capture Capturing images from screen.
Camera Color Correction Workflow Adjusting Color Distribution.
Connected Components Workflow Applying Component Labeling to Grey Scale Images.
Rectifier Workflow Converting images to a different camera model.
Single Camera Feature Tracking Tracking features across frames.
Single Camera Template Tracking Tracking the position and size of features across frames.
2D Box Tracking Tracking 2D bounding boxes across frames.
Disparity Computation Workflow Computing a disparity map from a pair of stereo images.
Disparity Computation Workflow on PVA and NVENC Computing a disparity map from a pair of stereo images on PVA and NVENC.
Structure from Motion (SFM) Workflow Estimating the structure of a scene from camera frames.
Dense Optical Flow Workflow Building a pipeline running on PVA.
Pose estimation Determines camera pose using PnP pose estimator.

Modules used: Image | Rig Configuration | Camera Color Correction | Connected Components | Rectifier
Features | Tracking | Filtering | Stereo | Structure from Motion (SFM) | Dense Optical Flow.

Point Cloud Processing

Tutorial Description
Point Cloud Memory Management Allocating and freeing memory for low level point cloud processing.
Point Cloud Accumulator Accumulating Lidar spins.
Point Cloud Stitching Combining multiple point clouds in the a common coordinate system.
Point Cloud Range Image Creation Generating 2D images from accumulated point clouds.
Point Cloud ICP Aligning 3D points from a pair of Lidar spins.
Point Cloud Plane Extraction Estimating a 3D plane from a point cloud.
Point Cloud Filter Point cloud filter.

Modules used: Point Cloud Processing.

Vehicle Actuation

Tutorial Description
VehicleIO Workflow How to actuate a vehicle.
Relative Egomotion Workflow How to track and predict a vehicle's pose.

Modules used: VehicleIO | Egomotion


Tutorial Description
Ray-to-Pixel and Pixel-to-Ray How to perform Ray-to-Pixel and Pixel-to-Ray transformations.
Feature-based Camera Self-Calibration A complete workflow detailing camera self-calibration.
IMU Self-Calibration A complete workflow detailing IMU self-calibration.
Lidar Self-Calibration A complete workflow detailing Lidar self-calibration.
Radar Self-Calibration A complete workflow detailing Radar self-calibration.
Epipolar-based Stereo Self-Calibration A complete workflow detailing epi-polar based stereo self-calibration.
Vehicle Self-Calibration A complete workflow detailing steering system properities self-calibration.

Modules used: Intrinsic Camera Models | Self-Calibration.

Deep Neural Networks (DNN)

Tutorial Description
Data Conditioner Workflow Formatting your data.
DNN Workflow The DriveWorks DNN framework.
DNN Tensors DNN inference using tensors.
DNN with Safe DLA DNN inference using safe DLA.
Clusterer Workflow A DBSCAN implementation.

Modules used: DNN | Data Conditioner | Clusterer