Release Notes

NVIDIA HairWorks 1.1

NVIDIA HairWorks is a library for simulating and rendering dynamic hair and fur

What’s New



  • Perf improvement up to 2x compared to 1.0
  • Spline multiplier control for perf/quality trade-off
  • Refined Import options
  • Batch Editing multiple assets
  • Collision Shapes
  • Hair Pins
  • Hair-Hair Interaction
  • Refined Stiffness controls, and bending control
  • Refined waviness controls
  • Specular break up and glints for dirty hair look
  • Surface normal computation for long hair for better environment lighting
  • Texture along strand color control
  • Some attributes can now be controlled by a curve editor from root to tip
  • Control textures are now used per RGBA channel.
  • Refined Continuous LOD controls
  • Images in contained documentation may not be up to date to actual software, though the intent is to keep them in sync, some may be slightly different.

Known Limitations

  • No multi material support for any mesh type in the HairWorks viewer.
  • Currently there is no support for adding extra animation files via fbx in the HairWorks viewer.
  • Shadows may flicker a bit depending on the asset in HairWorks viewer. This is due to shadow resolution and depends on the shadow sampling techniques used in a given game engine.
  • Guide hairs must be placed on the vertex of a growth mesh. DCC plug ins will move guides to closest vertex if they are not properly aligned.
  • Only one guide per vertex is supported. Extra guides on vertex will be ignored at export.
  • Number of cv/knot sampling per guide hair is the same per asset. Sampling is adjusted in DCC.
  • Hair Interaction does not opperate between hairs of different assets.
  • Alpha sorting is not supported. So the root alpha feature must be used with limited range.
  • The viewer currently supports only one character. However the character can have multiple hair assets.

Source Sample Assets

  • Source files were generated with:
    • 3dsmax 2013 native 3dsMax Hair and Fur modifier.
    • Maya 2013.5 Shave and a Haircut from