AndroidWorks 1R1

tegra android development pack tadpFormerly known as Tegra Android Development Pack, NVIDIA AndroidWorks reduces the complex process of configuring an Android development environment with a single mouse click. NVIDIA AndroidWorks 1R1 provides a full suite of native application development tools for Android, now available for all Android platforms. In addition, this release includes support for NVIDIA® Tegra® X1 processor with NVIDIA Maxwell™ PC graphics architecture in the all-new NVIDIA SHIELD; providing the latest Android NDK and NDK64 r10d, Android SDK (24.0.2), CUDA 7.0 BETA and 6.5 (select devices only), and includes the latest full suite of NVIDIA Android Developer Tools, OpenGL code samples, and device drivers for Android development.

Release Notes

See what’s new in AndroidWorks 1R1 in the release notes.

Where can I find it?

Download the latest version under NVIDIA GameWorks Download Center. Archived builds are available online at AndroidWorks Archives.


To provide feedback, request additional features or report support issues, please use the NVIDIA Developer Forums.


Android Development:
NVIDIA Libraries and Tools:
Samples, Docs and OS Images

The pack provides sample applications, support libraries and updated documentation for the following Android game development topics:

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems:




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