PerfHUD ES User Guide

perfhud esPerfHUD ES provides in-depth analysis of OpenGL ES applications on Tegra based devices. In order to target optimizations where they are most needed, developers are given access to GPU performance and bottleneck information. The debugging capabilities provide insight into the state of the OpenGL ES pipeline, related textures and shaders, and all rendering states to help find the causes for improper setup and rendering anomalies.


perfhud es features     perfhud es features    perfhud es features

  • Monitor CPU utilization in real-time
  • Graph pertinent frame statistics in real-time
  • Visualize the number of draw calls per frame
  • Per-project and per-file parallel compilation.
  • Directed tests help identify performance issues
  • Monitor memory usage
  • Monitor draw call efficiency
  • Examine all aspects of the rendered frame, including API calls, errors, geometry, textures, shaders and pipeline state
  • See the current frame draw call by draw call
  • Scrub through all of the draw calls in a frame
  • “Bucket” draw calls that share common render state
  • Examine “buckets” by cost
  • Examine draw calls by cost
  • Examine in-depth profiling data for each draw call in the frame
  • Scrub through all of the draw calls in a frame

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