NVIDIA® SHIELD™ is the ultimate Android gaming platform, fully supporting world-class Tegra Android development tools right out of the box. Experience the powerful GPU profiling and debugging tools, as well as CPU profiling and development tools, without having to root your device and install updated drivers.

This section describes the basic steps in setting up your NVIDIA SHIELD family device for Android development on a Windows PC using NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android.

Note that the purpose of this guide is to get your SHIELD device up and running with NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android. For more information about your specific SHIELD device and its capabilities, please see shield.nvidia.com.

Setup Steps

These are the basic steps to get your development PC and SHIELD device configured, booted, and ready:

  1. Start the install process of the CodeWorks for Android software (see Install CodeWorks for Android for more information).
  2. While the download is in progress, unpack the SHIELD device from its box.
  3. Power on SHIELD for the first time.
  4. Download and install the latest OTA update if available, and restart SHIELD.
  5. Complete the CodeWorks for Android installation process on the development PC.
  6. Connect your SHIELD device to the development PC.
    If the SHIELD device is not automatically recognized by the development PC, see How to Install Drivers for troubleshooting details.
  7. Activate Developer Mode and USB Debugging on SHIELD. See Unlocking Developer Mode for more details.

The following sections detail each of these steps.



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