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NVAPI Handles


typedef void * StereoHandle


 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (NvLogicalGpuHandle)
 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (NvPhysicalGpuHandle)
 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (NvDisplayHandle)
 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (NvMonitorHandle)
 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (NvUnAttachedDisplayHandle)
 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (NvVisualComputingDeviceHandle)
 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (NvGSyncDeviceHandle)
 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (NvTransitionHandle)
 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (Nv3DVPTransceiverHandle)
 NV_DECLARE_HANDLE (NvPresentBarrierClientHandle)
#define NV_BIT(x)    (1 << (x))

Detailed Description

NVAPI Handles - These handles are retrieved from various calls and passed in to others in NvAPI These are meant to be opaque types. Do not assume they correspond to indices, HDCs, display indexes or anything else.

Most handles remain valid until a display re-configuration (display mode set) or GPU reconfiguration (going into or out of SLI modes) occurs. If NVAPI_HANDLE_INVALIDATED is received by an app, it should discard all handles, and re-enumerate them.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define NV_BIT (   x)    (1 << (x))

Typedef Documentation

typedef void* StereoHandle

A stereo handle, that corresponds to the device interface.

Function Documentation

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvLogicalGpuHandle  )

One or more physical GPUs acting in concert (SLI)

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvPhysicalGpuHandle  )

A single physical GPU.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvDisplayHandle  )

Display Device driven by NVIDIA GPU(s) (an attached display)

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvMonitorHandle  )

Monitor handle.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvUnAttachedDisplayHandle  )

Unattached Display Device driven by NVIDIA GPU(s)

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvVisualComputingDeviceHandle  )

A handle to a Visual Computing Device.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvEventHandle  )

A handle to an event registration instance.


A handle to a Host Interface Card.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvGSyncDeviceHandle  )

A handle to a Sync device.


A handle to an SDI device.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvTransitionHandle  )

A handle to address a single transition request.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvAudioHandle  )

NVIDIA HD Audio Device.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( Nv3DVPContextHandle  )

A handle for a 3D Vision Pro (3DVP) context.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( Nv3DVPTransceiverHandle  )

A handle for a 3DVP RF transceiver.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( Nv3DVPGlassesHandle  )

A handle for a pair of 3DVP RF shutter glasses.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvSourceHandle  )

Unique source handle on the system.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvTargetHandle  )

Unique target handle on the system.


DirectX SwapChain objects.

NV_DECLARE_HANDLE ( NvPresentBarrierClientHandle  )

PresentBarrier client object

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