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Release 470: June 28

Data Fields
NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3 Struct Reference

#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 version
NvU32 vendorId
NvU32 deviceId
NvAPI_ShortString szVendorName
NvAPI_ShortString szChipsetName
NvU32 flags
NvU32 subSysVendorId
NvU32 subSysDeviceId
NvAPI_ShortString szSubSysVendorName

Field Documentation

NvU32 NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3::deviceId

device ID

NvU32 NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3::flags

Chipset info flags - obsolete.

NvU32 NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3::subSysDeviceId

subsystem device ID

NvU32 NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3::subSysVendorId

subsystem vendor ID

NvAPI_ShortString NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3::szChipsetName

device Name

NvAPI_ShortString NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3::szSubSysVendorName

subsystem vendor Name

NvAPI_ShortString NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3::szVendorName

vendor Name

NvU32 NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3::vendorId

vendor ID

NvU32 NV_CHIPSET_INFO_v3::version

structure version

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