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Release 495: October 2

Data Fields
NV_EDID_V3 Struct Reference

#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 version
NvU32 sizeofEDID
NvU32 edidId
NvU32 offset

Detailed Description

Used in NvAPI_GPU_GetEDID()

Field Documentation

NvU32 NV_EDID_V3::edidId

ID which always returned in a monotonically increasing counter. Across a split-EDID read we need to verify that all calls returned the same edidId. This counter is incremented if we get the updated EDID.

NvU32 NV_EDID_V3::offset

Which 256-byte page of the EDID we want to read. Start at 0. If the read succeeds with edidSize > NV_EDID_DATA_SIZE, call back again with offset+256 until we have read the entire buffer

NvU32 NV_EDID_V3::sizeofEDID
NvU32 NV_EDID_V3::version

Structure version.

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