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Wed Mar 20 2024

Data Fields
NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1 Struct Reference

#include <nvapi_lite_common.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 version
NvU64 dedicatedVideoMemory
NvU64 availableDedicatedVideoMemory
NvU64 systemVideoMemory
NvU64 sharedSystemMemory
NvU64 curAvailableDedicatedVideoMemory
NvU64 dedicatedVideoMemoryEvictionsSize
NvU64 dedicatedVideoMemoryEvictionCount
NvU64 dedicatedVideoMemoryPromotionsSize
NvU64 dedicatedVideoMemoryPromotionCount

Detailed Description

Used in NvAPI_GPU_GetMemoryInfoEx().

Field Documentation

◆ availableDedicatedVideoMemory

NvU64 NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1::availableDedicatedVideoMemory

Size(in bytes) of the available physical framebuffer for allocating video memory surfaces.

◆ curAvailableDedicatedVideoMemory

NvU64 NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1::curAvailableDedicatedVideoMemory

Size(in bytes) of the current available physical framebuffer for allocating video memory surfaces.

◆ dedicatedVideoMemory

NvU64 NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1::dedicatedVideoMemory

Size(in bytes) of the physical framebuffer. Refers to the dedicated video memory on discrete GPUs. It is more performant for GPU operations than the reserved systemVideoMemory.

◆ dedicatedVideoMemoryEvictionCount

NvU64 NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1::dedicatedVideoMemoryEvictionCount

Indicates the number of eviction events that caused an allocation to be removed from dedicated video memory to free GPU video memory to make room for other allocations.

◆ dedicatedVideoMemoryEvictionsSize

NvU64 NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1::dedicatedVideoMemoryEvictionsSize

Size(in bytes) of the total size of memory released as a result of the evictions.

◆ dedicatedVideoMemoryPromotionCount

NvU64 NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1::dedicatedVideoMemoryPromotionCount

Indicates the number of promotion events that caused an allocation to be promoted to dedicated video memory.

◆ dedicatedVideoMemoryPromotionsSize

NvU64 NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1::dedicatedVideoMemoryPromotionsSize

Size(in bytes) of the total size of memory allocated as a result of the promotions.

◆ sharedSystemMemory

NvU64 NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1::sharedSystemMemory

Size(in bytes) of shared system memory that driver is allowed to commit for surfaces across all allocations. On discrete GPUs, it is used to utilize system memory for various operations. It does not need to be reserved during boot. It may be used by both GPU and CPU, and has an “on-demand” type of usage.

◆ systemVideoMemory

NvU64 NV_GPU_MEMORY_INFO_EX_V1::systemVideoMemory

Size(in bytes) of system memory the driver allocates at load time. It is a substitute for dedicated video memory. Typically used with integrated GPUs that do not have dedicated video memory.

◆ version


Structure version.

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