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Data Fields
NV_I2C_INFO_V2 Struct Reference

#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 version
NvU32 displayMask
NvU8 bIsDDCPort
NvU8 i2cDevAddress
NvU32 regAddrSize
NvU32 cbSize
NvU32 i2cSpeed
NV_I2C_SPEED i2cSpeedKhz

Detailed Description

Used in NvAPI_I2CRead() and NvAPI_I2CWrite()

Field Documentation


This flag indicates either the DDC port (TRUE) or the communication port (FALSE) of the concerned display.

NvU32 NV_I2C_INFO_V2::cbSize

The size of the data buffer, pbData, to be read or written.

NvU32 NV_I2C_INFO_V2::displayMask

The Display Mask of the concerned display.

NvU8 NV_I2C_INFO_V2::i2cDevAddress

The address of the I2C slave. The address should be shifted left by one. For example, the I2C address 0x50, often used for reading EDIDs, would be stored here as 0xA0. This matches the position within the byte sent by the master, as the last bit is reserved to specify the read or write direction.

NvU32 NV_I2C_INFO_V2::i2cSpeed

Deprecated, Must be set to NVAPI_I2C_SPEED_DEPRECATED.

NV_I2C_SPEED NV_I2C_INFO_V2::i2cSpeedKhz

The target speed of the transaction in (kHz) (Chosen from the enum NV_I2C_SPEED).

NvU8* NV_I2C_INFO_V2::pbData

The buffer of data which is to be read or written (depending on the command).

NvU8* NV_I2C_INFO_V2::pbI2cRegAddress

The I2C target register address. May be NULL, which indicates no register address should be sent.

NvU32 NV_I2C_INFO_V2::regAddrSize

The size in bytes of target register address. If pbI2cRegAddress is NULL, this field must be 0.

NvU32 NV_I2C_INFO_V2::version

The structure version.

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