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Release 495: October 2

Data Fields
NvShaderExtnStruct Struct Reference

#include <nvHLSLExtnsInternal.h>

Data Fields

uint opcode
uint rid
uint sid
uint4 dst1u
uint4 src3u
uint4 src4u
uint4 src5u
uint4 src0u
uint4 src1u
uint4 src2u
uint4 dst0u
uint markUavRef
uint numOutputsForIncCounter
float padding1 [27]

Field Documentation

uint4 NvShaderExtnStruct::dst0u

Referenced by __NvAtomicAddFP32().

uint4 NvShaderExtnStruct::dst1u
uint NvShaderExtnStruct::markUavRef
uint NvShaderExtnStruct::numOutputsForIncCounter
uint NvShaderExtnStruct::opcode
float NvShaderExtnStruct::padding1[27]
uint NvShaderExtnStruct::rid
uint NvShaderExtnStruct::sid
uint4 NvShaderExtnStruct::src0u
uint4 NvShaderExtnStruct::src1u
uint4 NvShaderExtnStruct::src2u
uint4 NvShaderExtnStruct::src3u
uint4 NvShaderExtnStruct::src4u
uint4 NvShaderExtnStruct::src5u

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