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Release 470: June 28

Data Fields
_NVDRS_APPLICATION_V4 Struct Reference

#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 version
NvU32 isPredefined
NvAPI_UnicodeString appName
NvAPI_UnicodeString userFriendlyName
NvAPI_UnicodeString launcher
NvAPI_UnicodeString fileInFolder
NvU32 isMetro:1
NvU32 isCommandLine:1
NvU32 reserved:30
NvAPI_UnicodeString commandLine

Field Documentation

NvAPI_UnicodeString _NVDRS_APPLICATION_V4::appName

String name of the Application.

NvAPI_UnicodeString _NVDRS_APPLICATION_V4::commandLine

If isCommandLine is set to 0 this must be an empty. If isCommandLine is set to 1 this contains application's command line as if it was returned by GetCommandLineW.

NvAPI_UnicodeString _NVDRS_APPLICATION_V4::fileInFolder

Select this application only if this file is found. When specifying multiple files, separate them using the ':' character.

NvU32 _NVDRS_APPLICATION_V4::isCommandLine

Command line parsing for the application name.


Windows 8 style app.

NvU32 _NVDRS_APPLICATION_V4::isPredefined

Is the application userdefined/predefined.

NvAPI_UnicodeString _NVDRS_APPLICATION_V4::launcher

Indicates the name (if any) of the launcher that starts the Application.


Reserved. Should be 0.

NvAPI_UnicodeString _NVDRS_APPLICATION_V4::userFriendlyName

UserFriendly name of the Application.


Structure Version.

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