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Release 495: October 2

Data Fields
_NV_D3D12_GRAPHICS_CAPS_V1 Struct Reference

#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 bExclusiveScissorRectsSupported: 1
NvU32 bVariablePixelRateShadingSupported: 1
NvU32 bFastUAVClearSupported: 1
NvU32 reservedBits: 29
NvU16 majorSMVersion
NvU16 minorSMVersion
NvU32 reserved [6]

Detailed Description

See NvAPI_D3D12_GetGraphicsCapabilities

Field Documentation

NvU32 _NV_D3D12_GRAPHICS_CAPS_V1::bExclusiveScissorRectsSupported

(OUT) Outputs whether Exclusive Scissor Rects are supported or not

NvU32 _NV_D3D12_GRAPHICS_CAPS_V1::bFastUAVClearSupported

(OUT) Outputs whether UAVClear is implemented using ZBC rather than compute shader

NvU32 _NV_D3D12_GRAPHICS_CAPS_V1::bVariablePixelRateShadingSupported

(OUT) Outputs whether Variable Pixel Shading Rates are supported or not

NvU16 _NV_D3D12_GRAPHICS_CAPS_V1::majorSMVersion

(OUT) Major SM version of the device

NvU16 _NV_D3D12_GRAPHICS_CAPS_V1::minorSMVersion

(OUT) Minor SM version of the device

NvU32 _NV_D3D12_GRAPHICS_CAPS_V1::reserved[6]
NvU32 _NV_D3D12_GRAPHICS_CAPS_V1::reservedBits

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