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#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 version
NvPhysicalGpuHandle hPhysicalGpu
NvU32 Value

Field Documentation


An enumeration value specifying the Illumination attribute to be querried. refer to enum NV_GPU_ILLUMINATION_ATTRIB.

NvPhysicalGpuHandle _NV_GPU_SET_ILLUMINATION_PARM_V1::hPhysicalGpu

The handle of the GPU that you are checking for the specified attribute. Note that this is the GPU that is managing the attribute. Only a single GPU can manage an given attribute on a given HW element, regardless of how many are attatched. I.E. only one GPU will be used to control the brightness of the LED on an SLI bridge, regardless of how many are physicaly attached. You enumerate thru the GPUs with this call to determine which GPU is managing the attribute.


A DWORD containing the new value for the specified attribute. This should be specified as a percentage of the full range of the attribute (0-100; 0 = off, 100 = full brightness) If a value is specified outside this range, NVAPI_INVALID_ARGUMENT will be returned.


Version of this structure.

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