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Data Fields
_NV_LOGICAL_GPU_DATA_V1 Struct Reference

#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 version
void * pOSAdapterId
NvU32 physicalGpuCount
NvPhysicalGpuHandle physicalGpuHandles [NVAPI_MAX_PHYSICAL_GPUS]
NvU32 reserved [8]

Field Documentation

NvU32 _NV_LOGICAL_GPU_DATA_V1::physicalGpuCount

[out] Number of physical GPU handles associated with the specified logical GPU handle.

NvPhysicalGpuHandle _NV_LOGICAL_GPU_DATA_V1::physicalGpuHandles[NVAPI_MAX_PHYSICAL_GPUS]

[out] This array will be filled with physical GPU handles associated with the given logical GPU handle. The array index refers to the Physical Gpu Index (Idx). Idx value is the same as D3D11 MultiGPUDevice GPU index, D3D12 node index, OpenGL GL_NV_gpu_multicast GPU index. When converted to a bit mask (1 << Idx), it matches:

  1. Vulkan deviceNodeMask in VkPhysicalDeviceIDProperties
  2. CUDA deviceNodeMask returned by cuDeviceGetLuid
void* _NV_LOGICAL_GPU_DATA_V1::pOSAdapterId

[out] Returns OS-AdapterId. User must send memory buffer of size atleast equal to the size of LUID structure before calling the NVAPI.

NvU32 _NV_LOGICAL_GPU_DATA_V1::reserved[8]

Reserved for future use. Should be set to ZERO.

NvU32 _NV_LOGICAL_GPU_DATA_V1::version

[in] Structure version.

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