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Release 495: October 2

Data Fields
_NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2 Struct Reference

#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 version
NvU32 rows
NvU32 columns
NvU32 displayCount
NvU32 applyWithBezelCorrect: 1
NvU32 immersiveGaming: 1
NvU32 baseMosaic: 1
NvU32 driverReloadAllowed: 1
NvU32 acceleratePrimaryDisplay: 1
NvU32 pixelShift: 1
NvU32 reserved: 26

Field Documentation

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::acceleratePrimaryDisplay

Enable SLI acceleration on the primary display while in single-wide mode (For Immersive Gaming only). Will not be persisted. Value undefined on get.

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::applyWithBezelCorrect

When enabling and doing the modeset, do we switch to the bezel-corrected resolution.

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::baseMosaic

Enable as Base Mosaic (Panoramic) instead of Mosaic SLI (for NVS and Quadro-boards only)

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::columns

Number of columns.

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::displayCount

Number of display details.


Displays are done as [(row * columns) + column].


Display settings.

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::driverReloadAllowed

If necessary, reloading the driver is permitted (for Vista and above only). Will not be persisted. Value undefined on get.

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::immersiveGaming

Enable as immersive gaming instead of Mosaic SLI (for Quadro-boards only)

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::pixelShift

Enable Pixel shift.

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::reserved

Reserved, must be 0.


Number of rows.

NvU32 _NV_MOSAIC_GRID_TOPO_V2::version

Version of this structure.

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