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Release 470: June 28

Data Fields
_NV_MRS_CUSTOM_CONFIG_V1 Struct Reference

#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

float centerWidth
float centerHeight
float centerX
float centerY
float densityScaleX [3]
float densityScaleY [3]

Field Documentation

float _NV_MRS_CUSTOM_CONFIG_V1::centerHeight
float _NV_MRS_CUSTOM_CONFIG_V1::centerWidth

(IN) Size of the central viewport, ranging (0,1], where 1 is full original viewport size

float _NV_MRS_CUSTOM_CONFIG_V1::centerX

(IN) Location of the central viewport, ranging 0..1, where 0.5 is the center of the screen

float _NV_MRS_CUSTOM_CONFIG_V1::centerY
float _NV_MRS_CUSTOM_CONFIG_V1::densityScaleX[3]

(IN) Pixel density scale factors: how much the linear pixel density is scaled within each row and column (1.0 = full density)

float _NV_MRS_CUSTOM_CONFIG_V1::densityScaleY[3]

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