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Release 470: June 28

Data Fields
tagNV_TIMINGEXT Struct Reference

#include <nvapi.h>

Data Fields

NvU32 flag
NvU16 rr
NvU32 rrx1k
NvU32 aspect
NvU16 rep
NvU32 status
NvU8 name [40]

Detailed Description

NVIDIA-specific timing extras
Used in NV_TIMING.

Field Documentation

NvU32 tagNV_TIMINGEXT::aspect

Display aspect ratio Hi(aspect):horizontal-aspect, Low(aspect):vertical-aspect.

NvU32 tagNV_TIMINGEXT::flag

Reserved for NVIDIA hardware-based enhancement, such as double-scan.

NvU8 tagNV_TIMINGEXT::name[40]

Timing name.

NvU16 tagNV_TIMINGEXT::rep

Bit-wise pixel repetition factor: 0x1:no pixel repetition; 0x2:each pixel repeats twice horizontally,..


Logical refresh rate to present.

NvU32 tagNV_TIMINGEXT::rrx1k

Physical vertical refresh rate in 0.001Hz.

NvU32 tagNV_TIMINGEXT::status

Timing standard.

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