Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
nvidia::apex::ClothingActorInstance of ClothingAsset. Can be positioned, animated, updated and rendered
nvidia::apex::ClothingAssetA clothing asset. It contains all the static and shared data for a given piece of clothing
nvidia::apex::ClothingAssetAuthoringThe clothing authoring asset. This is used to generate streams that can then be deserialized into a regular asset
nvidia::apex::ClothingCapsuleCapsule collision of a clothing actor
nvidia::apex::ClothingCollisionBase class of all clothing collision types
nvidia::apex::ClothingCollisionTypeType of the ClothingCollision
nvidia::apex::ClothingConstrainCoefficientsConstrain coefficients of the physical mesh vertices
nvidia::apex::ClothingConvexConvex collision of a clothing actor
nvidia::apex::ClothingMeshSkinningMapMaps from a triangle of the simulated mesh to a vertex of the rendered mesh. The barycentric coordinates describe the position of a point in space relative to a simulated triangle. The actual z-coordinate is computed by bary.z = 1 - bary.x - bary.y. The z part of the vector contains the height of the skinned vertex along the normal of the simulated triangle
nvidia::apex::ClothingPhysicalMeshHolder for a physical mesh, this can be generated through various ways (see single- and multi-layered clothing) or hand crafted
nvidia::apex::ClothingPhysicalMeshStatsContains the data for handing out statistics about a ClothingPhysicalMesh
nvidia::apex::ClothingPlanePlane collision of a clothing actor
nvidia::apex::ClothingPreviewA lightweight preview of a ClothingActor that will not perform any simulation
nvidia::apex::ClothingRenderProxyInstance of ClothingRenderProxy. This is the renderable of a clothing actor. The data in this object is consistent until it is returned to APEX with the release() call
nvidia::apex::ClothingSphereSphere collision of a clothing actor
nvidia::apex::ClothingTeleportModeSelects the mode the clothing actor will be in the simulation frame
nvidia::apex::ClothingTriangleMeshTriangle mesh collision of a clothing actor
nvidia::apex::ClothingVelocityCallbackContainer class for the velocity shader callback
nvidia::apex::ClothSolverModeDescribes the solver that is used to simulate the clothing actor
nvidia::apex::ModuleClothingAPEX Clothing Module

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