PxSceneDesc.h File Reference

#include "PxPhysXConfig.h"
#include "foundation/PxFlags.h"
#include "foundation/PxBounds3.h"
#include "PxFiltering.h"
#include "PxBroadPhase.h"
#include "common/PxTolerancesScale.h"
#include "task/PxTask.h"

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struct  PxPruningStructureType
 Pruning structure used to accelerate scene queries. More...
struct  PxFrictionType
 Enum for selecting the friction algorithm used for simulation. More...
struct  PxSceneFlag
 flags for configuring properties of the scene More...
class  PxSceneLimits
 Class used to retrieve limits(e.g. maximum number of bodies) for a scene. The limits are used as a hint to the size of the scene, not as a hard limit (i.e. it will be possible to create more objects than specified in the scene limits). More...
struct  PxgDynamicsMemoryConfig
 Sizes of pre-allocated buffers use for GPU dynamics. More...
class  PxSceneDesc
 Descriptor class for scenes. See PxScene. More...


typedef PxFlags
< PxSceneFlag::Enum, PxU32
 collection of set bits defined in PxSceneFlag.

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