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Descriptor class for PxTriangleMesh. More...

#include <PxTriangleMeshDesc.h>

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PxSimpleTriangleMeshPxFlags\< PxMeshFlag::Enum, PxU16 \>PxBoundedDataPxStridedDataPxTypedStridedData\< PxMaterialTableIndex \>

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Public Member Functions

PX_INLINE PxTriangleMeshDesc ()
 Constructor sets to default.
PX_INLINE void setToDefault ()
 (re)sets the structure to the default.
PX_INLINE bool isValid () const
 Returns true if the descriptor is valid.

Public Attributes

< PxMaterialTableIndex

Detailed Description

Descriptor class for PxTriangleMesh.

Note that this class is derived from PxSimpleTriangleMesh which contains the members that describe the basic mesh. The mesh data is *copied* when an PxTriangleMesh object is created from this descriptor. After the call the user may discard the triangle data.

See also:
PxTriangleMesh PxTriangleMeshGeometry PxShape

Member Data Documentation

Optional pointer to first material index, or NULL. There are PxSimpleTriangleMesh::numTriangles indices in total. Caller may add materialIndexStride bytes to the pointer to access the next triangle.

When a triangle mesh collides with another object, a material is required at the collision point. If materialIndices is NULL, then the material of the PxShape instance is used. Otherwise, if the point of contact is on a triangle with index i, then the material index is determined as: PxMaterialTableIndex index = *(PxMaterialTableIndex *)(((PxU8*)materialIndices) + materialIndexStride * i);

If the contact point falls on a vertex or an edge, a triangle adjacent to the vertex or edge is selected, and its index used to look up a material. The selection is arbitrary but consistent over time.

Default: NULL

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Referenced by isValid().

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