RaycastCCDManager Class Reference

Raycast-CCD manager. More...

#include <PxRaycastCCD.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RaycastCCDManager (PxScene *scene)
 ~RaycastCCDManager ()
bool registerRaycastCCDObject (PxRigidDynamic *actor, PxShape *shape)
 Register dynamic object for raycast CCD.
void doRaycastCCD (bool doDynamicDynamicCCD)
 Perform raycast CCD. Call this after your simulate/fetchResults calls.

Private Attributes

RaycastCCDManagerInternal * mImpl

Detailed Description

Raycast-CCD manager.

Raycast-CCD is a simple and potentially cheaper alternative to the SDK's built-in continuous collision detection algorithm.

This implementation has some limitations:

Also, since it is raycast-based, the solution is not perfect. In particular:

Finally, since it is using the SDK's scene queries under the hood, it only works provided the simulation shapes also have scene-query shapes associated with them. That is, if the objects in the scene only use PxShapeFlag::eSIMULATION_SHAPE (and no PxShapeFlag::eSCENE_QUERY_SHAPE), then the raycast-CCD system will not work.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RaycastCCDManager::RaycastCCDManager ( PxScene scene  ) 

RaycastCCDManager::~RaycastCCDManager (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void RaycastCCDManager::doRaycastCCD ( bool  doDynamicDynamicCCD  ) 

Perform raycast CCD. Call this after your simulate/fetchResults calls.

[in] doDynamicDynamicCCD True to enable dynamic-vs-dynamic CCD (more expensive, not always needed)

bool RaycastCCDManager::registerRaycastCCDObject ( PxRigidDynamic actor,
PxShape shape 

Register dynamic object for raycast CCD.

[in] actor object's actor
[in] shape object's shape
True if success

Member Data Documentation

RaycastCCDManagerInternal* RaycastCCDManager::mImpl [private]

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