PxConvexMeshCookingType Struct Reference

Enumeration for convex mesh cooking algorithms. More...

#include <PxCooking.h>

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Public Types

enum  Enum {

Detailed Description

Enumeration for convex mesh cooking algorithms.

Member Enumeration Documentation

PX_DEPRECATED  Legacy incremental algorithm using the inflation skinWidth parameter.

The algorithm produces a hull with inflated planes. The hull's vertices are not the input vertices; new vertices are created from the inflated plane's intersections.

This algorithm is less stable and produces worse results than eQUICK_HULL; it is recommended to use the eQUICKHULL algorithm.

This legacy algorithm will be removed in future releases.

eQUICKHULL  The Quickhull algorithm constructs the hull from the given input points. The resulting hull will only contain a subset of the input points.

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