PxParticleFlag Struct Reference
[particles (deprecated)]

#include <PxParticleFlag.h>

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Public Types

enum  Enum {
  eVALID = (1<<0),

Detailed Description

Particle flags are used for additional information on the particles. (deprecated)

The PhysX particle feature has been deprecated in PhysX version 3.4

Member Enumeration Documentation

eVALID  Marks a valid particle. The particle data corresponding to these particle flags is valid, i.e. defines a particle, when set. Particles that are not marked with PxParticleFlag::eVALID are ignored during simulation.

Application read only.

eCOLLISION_WITH_STATIC  Marks a particle that has collided with a static actor shape.

Application read only.

eCOLLISION_WITH_DYNAMIC  Marks a particle that has collided with a dynamic actor shape.

Application read only.

eCOLLISION_WITH_DRAIN  Marks a particle that has collided with a shape that has been flagged as a drain (See PxShapeFlag.ePARTICLE_DRAIN).

Application read only.

See also:
eSPATIAL_DATA_STRUCTURE_OVERFLOW  Marks a particle that had to be ignored for simulation, because the spatial data structure ran out of resources.

Application read only.

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