PxParticleReadDataFlag Struct Reference
[particles (deprecated)]

#include <PxParticleReadData.h>

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Public Types

enum  Enum {
  ePOSITION_BUFFER = (1<<0),
  eVELOCITY_BUFFER = (1<<1),
  eFLAGS_BUFFER = (1<<3),
  eDENSITY_BUFFER = (1<<6)

Detailed Description

Flags to configure PxParticleBase simulation output that can be read by the application. (deprecated) Disabling unneeded buffers saves memory and improves performance.

The PhysX particle feature has been deprecated in PhysX version 3.4

Member Enumeration Documentation

ePOSITION_BUFFER  Enables reading particle positions from the SDK.
See also:
eVELOCITY_BUFFER  Enables reading particle velocities from the SDK.
See also:
eREST_OFFSET_BUFFER  Enables reading per particle rest offsets from the SDK. Per particle rest offsets are never changed by the simulation. This option may only be used on particle systems that have PxParticleBaseFlag.ePER_PARTICLE_REST_OFFSET enabled.
See also:
eFLAGS_BUFFER  Enables reading particle flags from the SDK.
See also:
eCOLLISION_NORMAL_BUFFER  Enables reading particle collision normals from the SDK.
See also:
eCOLLISION_VELOCITY_BUFFER  Enables reading particle collision velocities from the SDK.
See also:
eDENSITY_BUFFER  Enables reading particle densities from the SDK. (PxParticleFluid only)
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