PxVehicleDriveTankControl Struct Reference

The control inputs for a PxVehicleDriveTank. More...

#include <PxVehicleDriveTank.h>

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Detailed Description

The control inputs for a PxVehicleDriveTank.

The values of eANALOG_INPUT_THRUST_LEFT and eANALOG_INPUT_THRUST_RIGHT determine how much of the total available drive torque is diverted to the left and right wheels. These entries in the enumerated list represent the state of the left and right control sticks of a tank. The total available drive torque available is controlled by eANALOG_INPUT_ACCEL, which represents the state of the acceleration pedal and controls how much torque will be applied to the engine.

To accelerate forwards eANALOG_INPUT_ACCEL must be greater than zero so that torque is applied to drive the engine, while eANALOG_INPUT_THRUST_LEFT and eANALOG_INPUT_THRUST_RIGHT must also be greater than zero to divert the available drive torque to the left and wheels. If eANALOG_INPUT_THRUST_LEFT > eANALOG_INPUT_THRUST_RIGHT the tank will turn to the right. If eANALOG_INPUT_THRUST_RIGHT > eANALOG_INPUT_THRUST_LEFT the tank will turn to the left.

See also:
PxVehicleDriveDynData::setAnalogInput, PxVehicleDriveDynData::getAnalogInput

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