NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage

NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Documentation - Last updated April 2, 2024

NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage

NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Design Guide
The purpose of the Design Guide is to show OEMs, CSPs and ODMs how to design their servers to take advantage of GPUDirect Storage and to help application developers understand where GPUDirect Storage can bring value to application performance.
NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Overview Guide
The NVIDIA® Magnum IO GPUDirect® Storage Overview Guide provides a high-level overview of GDS.
cuFile API Reference Guide
The NVIDIA® GPUDirect® Storage cuFile API Reference Guide provides information about the cuFile API reference that is used in applications and frameworks to leverage GDS technology and describes the intent, context, and operation of those APIs, which are part of the GDS technology.
NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Release Notes
Release information for NVIDIA® Magnum IO GPUDirect® Storage.
Getting Started with NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage
Getting started information for NVIDIA® Magnum IO GPUDirect® Storage.

Understanding GPUDirect Storage

NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Best Practices Guide
The Best Practices guide provides information about the lessons that were learned when building and massively scaling GPU accelerated I/O storage infrastructures. The guide is intended for system builders, developers, and storage vendors.
NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Benchmarking and Configuration Guide
The Benchmarking and Configuration Guide helps you evaluate and test GDS functionality and performance by using sample applications.
NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Installation and Troubleshooting Guide
This guide describes how to install, debug, and isolate the performance and functional problems that are related to GDS and is intended for systems administrators and developers.
NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage O_DIRECT Requirements Guide
The O_DIRECT Guide helps you understand how GDS provides significant benefit when it can leverage the O_DIRECT fcntl.h file mode for a direct data path between GPU memory and storage.

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