NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package

Development Guide
28.3 Release

Hardware Setup
Reference Board Preparation
Platform Board Layout
Use these procedures to make any required hardware setup for your customization of the reference platform.
Reference Board Preparation
When developing systems and application software with L4T, you run and test your code on an actual reference platform, such as the NVIDIA® Jetson TX1 or TX2 developer kit. Your code targets this hardware directly, rather than a software simulator or emulator.
Accordingly, you must acquire and setup your reference board before using L4T. Consult your board documentation for guidance on setting up and configuring your board.
Although the reference board supports a variety of peripheral devices, start developing on L4T with a board that has the following:
One of the storage devices specified in the Boot Options topic of the BSP Customization chapter.
A USB cable to plug into the board recovery port
Platform Board Layout
The L4T board layout and connections are as follows.
A circuit board Description generated with very high confidence