NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package

Development Guide
28.3 Release

The Linux for Tegra Board Support Package architecture is as follows:
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The components of each module are explained as follows:
Linux for Tegra Board Support Package
Linux Kernel
A UNIX-like computer operating system kernel mostly used for mobile devices.
Sample Root Filesystem derived from Ubuntu
A sample root filesystem of the Ubuntu distribution. Helps you create root filesystems for different configurations.
A set of development tools chained together by stages that runs on various architectures.
Boot software boot for initializing the system on the chip.
Source code for kernel and multimedia applications.
NVIDIA Tegra User Space Drivers
Provides the NVIDIA drivers that run in the userspace.
Flashing Support Scripts and Tools
A set of scripts and associated tools to assist in flashing your system.
Sample Source Code and Applications
Sample source code for developing embedded applications for the Jetson platform.
Artificial Intelligence
Provides a high-performance neural network inference engine for production deployment of deep learning applications. It can be used to optimize, validate and deploy trained neural networks for inference to the Jetson platform. The Multimedia API provides samples that use this engine.
NVIDIA® JetPack installs this component as part of the Low-Level Multimedia API.
NVIDIA® CUDA® Deep Neural Network library.
Computer Vision
NVIDIA® VisionWorks™ software development package for computer vision (CV) and image processing.
OpenCV4 Tegra
Provides OpenCV that NVIDIA optimized specifically for the Tegra platform. It contains Tegra-specific optimizations that enable it to run faster than the OpenCV implementation.
A low-level API based on the camera core stack.
JetPack installs this component as part of the Multimedia API which provides a collection of APIs that supports flexible application development with better control over the underlying hardware blocks.
NVIDIA userspace and driver for display.
CUDA Toolkit
for Host Ubuntu with cross deployment support
CUDA toolkit for the host.
for Jetson Developer Kit running L4T BSP
CUDA toolkit for use with the Jetson Developer Kit.
Open Graphics Library API for rendering vector graphics.
Cross-platform API for full-function 2D and 3D graphics on embedded systems
Interface between Khronos rendering APIs such as OpenGL ES or OpenVG and the underlying native platform window system.
A low level API that gives direct access of the GPU to developers.
Multimedia API (MMAPI)
A collection of lower-level APIs that support flexible application development. Multimedia API includes:
Libargus for imaging applications
Buffer utility for buffer allocation, management, and sharing
NVOSD for On-Screen display
V4l2 API extensions with a video converter, decoder, and encoder.
Application framework (optional)
MMAPI also includes samples that demonstrate image processing with CUDA, and object detection and classification with cuDNN, TensorRT and OpenCV4Tegra usage.
MMAPI is for developers who use a custom framework or wish to avoid a framework like GStreamer.
MMAPI must be separately downloaded from the NVIDIA Jetson Download Center. It is not included in the download for the Jetson Driver.
Provides a higher-level multimedia API. This framework provides a parallel capability to the collection of APIs in the lower-level Multimedia API.
The GStreamer framework is installed with the download for the Jetson Driver. It is also installed by NVIDIA JetPack.
This framework is an alternative to Multimedia API.
Developer Tools
Tegra System Profiler
A multi-core CPU sampling profiler that provides an interactive view of captured profiling data, helping improve overall application performance.
Tegra Graphics Debugger
A console-grade tool that allows you to debug and optimize your OpenGL and OpenGL ES applications.
A comprehensive suite of performance tools to help debug and profile OpenGL and Direct3D applications.
JetPack SDK
Provides details for your development on the Jetson platform.
Designed to give you hands-on, practical examples for using the NVIDIA Jetson development platform,