NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package

Development Guide
28.3 Release

Building the AARCH 64 Toolchain and glibc
Toolchain Information
Downloading the Pre-Built Toolchain
Building the Toolchain
The NVIDIA® Tegra® Linux Driver Package contains the script and patches used to create the set of toolchains that NVIDIA uses to produce the AARCH64 L4T binaries. This topic describes how to obtain and build these toolchains.
Toolchain Information
The AARCH64 toolchain is built as aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu. The toolchain binaries are statically built.
The toolchain contains the following components:
GCC version: 4.8.5
Glibc Version: 2.17
Downloading the Pre-Built Toolchain
Download the pre-built toolchain binaries from the Embedded Download Center on the NVIDIA Developer page at:
The AARCH64 toolchain is available at:
Copy the contents of the tarball to the location of your toolchain and start using it.
Building the Toolchain
The toolchain build script and patches are provided in the Jetson Toolchain Build package.
To build the toolchain
1. Obtain the Toolchain Scripts package as described in Downloading the Pre-Built Toolchain.
The source TAR file is named: src_aarch64_gcc-4.8.5.tar
The toolchain source tarball contains the following:
The required sources to build the toolchain.
The make-aarch64-toolchain.sh script that builds the toolchain.
A patches folder containing patches to the toolchain sources.
2. Run the toolchain building script.
Build products are located in the install directory.
The get_src function in the make-aarch64-toolchain.sh script downloads all the relevant sources required for building this toolchain. These sources are also provided in the tarball. Users can comment the get_src function in the make-aarch64-toolchain.sh script.
Each step in the build process logs its progress and errors to a file named for that stage:
Build Process Step
Log File
Downloading sources
Applying patches
Build binutils
Installing Linux headers
Building GCC stage 1
Building Glibc stage 1
Building final Glibc
If the build succeeds, the script prints “Success!” at the end. Otherwise check log files for the last step shown to find the error.
The following are two common build errors:
If using Ubuntu 14.04, install the necessary packages, in addition to the ones mentioned in the README, with the following commands:
$ sudo apt-get install gawk
$ sudo apt-get install texinfo
$ sudo apt-get install automake
$ sudo apt-get install libtool
$ sudo apt-get install g++
The build script downloads sources for the toolchain components from well-known locations. These URLs may become outdated over time. Verify that the URLs in the get_src() function are up-to-date. The toolchain components are also provided as separate tarball that users can use directly.