Jetson Module Adaptation and Bring-Up

This topic is for users who are developing production software for an NVIDIA® Jetson™ module. It describes how to port the NVIDIA® Jetson™ Linux Driver Package (L4T) and the U-Boot boot loader from an NVIDIA Jetson developer kit to another hardware platform.
The topic has:
Initial subtopics that apply to ports from all Jetson platforms.
A subtopic that applies to ports from each Jetson platform currently supported by L4T. NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ 2GB is not included, as that module is intended for educational and experimental applications only, and is sold only as a component of NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit.
A checklist of recommended steps in the hardware bring-up process for each processor.
A checklist of recommended steps in the software bring-up process for each processor.

Bring-Up Framework for Checking I/O Functions

The NVIDIA Bring-Up Framework is a suite of scripts for checking the I/O functions of a platform during the bring-up process. You can install the Bring-Up Framework from the Jetson Linux Release Page for your release on the NVIDIA Developer web site.
To install the Bring-Up Framework
1. Construct the URL of the appropriate page. Begin with the following string:
2. Append the full release number with decimal points removed.
For example, the Jetson Linux R32.6.1 Release Page is at:
3. Load the page.
4. Go to the “Bringup Framework” row in the “Tools” section of the “Drive Details” table.
5. Download the version of the framework in the table column that applies to your Jetson device.
6. Untar the Bring-Up Framework package.
7. Follow the instructions in the README file.