L4T Multimedia API Reference

31.1 Release

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L4T Multimedia API Reference Documentation

Welcome to the NVIDIA Multimedia API Reference. Documentation is preliminary and subject to change.

Multimedia API is a collection of lower-level APIs that support flexible application development. The lower-level APIs enable flexibility by providing better control over the underlying hardware blocks.

The Multimedia API interface is separate from the GStreamer framework, which provides high-level APIs. That framework is included in current and previous releases.

The Multimedia API provides libraries, header files, API documentation and sample source code for developing embedded applications for the Jetson platform. For more information, see Multimedia API Sample Applications.

Downloading the Multimedia API

The Multimedia API can be installed only with NVIDIA JetPack. It cannot be installed as a stand-alone package. JetPack is available for download from:

Embedded Download Center

API Documentation

This product, in part, consists of NVIDIA APIs.

This API Documentation describes the NVIDIA APIs that you can use to customize aspects of your device's behavior. To provide unified API documentation, the API content of this volume was generated from code comments.

The API content represents the set of public APIs you can use directly. Some APIs are not documented and we advise you do not use them directly. Using undocumented APIs can lead to incompatibility when upgrading to later releases.

The APIs included in this documentation are logically grouped into a hierarchy of modules. Header files that contribute to the same capability are grouped into a single, high-level module. Each high-level module may be further broken down into functional subcategories. To view the modules in this documentation, click the API Modules tab.

TensorRT and Jetson

The NVIDIA "Jetson & Embedded Systems" forum (link follows) provides answers to common questions about NVIDIA® TensorRT as it relates to the NVIDIA® Jetson® platform. These questions cover a range of topics including performance, common errors, samples, and customer layers.

The forum is at:

Searching for APIs and Sample Application Documentation

You can search this document for the API or sample application name by entering it in the Search field at the upper-right of this window. Typing the beginning letters of an API results in populating a drop-down list containing all APIs starting with the same letters. You can select the API of interest from the list; you can also narrow down the results list to a type of API (like enumerations), file, group, or page by floating your cursor over the magnifying glass icon. This search is case-insensitive. Dismiss the search results by clicking the X at the right of the Search field.